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Transgender Medicine: Dr. Hussein Abdullatif

Dr. Hussein Abdullatif is a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who has been treating transgender youth since 2008.

I reached out to Dr. Abdullatif to help me make sense of the rise of nationwide legislation targeting transgender youth (and adults in many cases). Florida, in fact, has some of the most repressive laws in the country regarding medical treatment availability for the trans community. As written, many of the laws criminalize this treatment, meaning physicians could not just lose their license, but could also end up in jail. This, despite the American Medical Association’s endorsement of most of these procedures. Many of the laws are currently being challenged in courthouses around the country and a few injunctions have been issued, but this promises to be a contentious issue in the foreseeable future. As such, I have spoken with a few experts in this area and will post those interviews as I go…

This episode features the Delines’ songs “Lynette’s Lament” and “The Gulf Drift Lament” from their album The Sea Drift.

And our interview can be found under the Podcast tab, or here:

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