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Talking Pernicious Political Polarization with Jennifer McCoy

Political Science professor and Carnegie scholar Jennifer McCoy is my guest on Our Social Landscape, to talk about the rise of “pernicious political polarization” in America.  While there have always been political disagreements in the U.S., Professor McCoy confirms something I’ve been thinking about for the past few years- that our current level of political disagreement is unique and could lead down a path where authoritarianism replaces democracy. 


The conversation starts with a discussion of how Dr. McCoy came to research our increasing polarization, before turning to what makes this a unique time in U.S. history.  We finish with some thoughts on how to move forward in a less contentious way. 


The podcast features the following Village of the Sun songs:

“Village of the Sun” and “Cesca” and can be found under the “podcast” tab, or here:


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