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Welcome to my blog!

I am a sociology professor at the Florida State College at Jacksonville.  Previously I taught at Montana State University and Arizona State University. Most of my interests, both academic and personal, revolve around issues of race & ethnicity, politics, health, sport and science. For fun I enjoy swimming and travel. 


The purpose of this blog is to combine current issues, sociological concepts, and my own personal experiences to offer a critique of our modern social landscape.  As for current issues, I attempt to post about happenings, mostly, but not exclusively in America, that are of interest to many social observers.  Sociology, as a debunking science, informs much of my writing.  In particular, I am interested in Public Sociology, the goal of which is to engage non-academic audiences in critical discussions of social issues typically confined to the academic world.  Additionally, my own personal experiences, ranging from travel to self-study, to discussions with intellectuals of all stripes, along with my formal academic training, drive my interest in creating this blog.  Whether you are a professional sociologist, an "amateur sociologist", as many people consider themselves, or someone who is looking for tools to help decipher our social landscape, I hope you find this blog useful!

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