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Martyn Joseph Discusses Music, Charity, and Family

Welsh singer-songwriter Martyn Joseph, a folk artist who has used his platform to campaign for human rights and social justice for over 40 years, joins me on this iteration of Our Social Landscape.

A legendary live performer, Martyn brings a sense of empathy and compassion to his music that uniquely connects him to his audience. This same empathy and compassion led him to form Let Yourself Trust, a global charity that funds two separate projects a year dedicated to fighting injustice. The trust has raised over $750,000 for humanitarian projects in places as diverse as West Bank Palestine, Guatemala, Kenya, Gaza, Nepal, Belgium, and Ethiopia. So, he doesn’t just “talk the talk”, he “walks the walk”!

I’ve interviewed a number of artists now about the role of art in making social change, and Martyn tells me that art can accompany social change, but not necessarily produce it. Yet, his comments in the interview suggest the opposite- his music introduces people to social issues they may not have known about otherwise, and this alone is a start to social change, a prerequisite at the very least…

More information about Martyn Joseph can be found here:

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