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Sports and Economics, Part II: Neil deMause

Author and journalist Neil deMause joins me on Our Social Landscape to discuss a few current topics in the world of sports. DeMause is a Brooklyn-based journalist and author who has written for Baseball Prospectus, Slate, CNN Money, and the Village Voice and is the co-author, along with Joanna Cagan, of the award-winning expose into the public financing of sports stadiums, Field of Schemes. He has also presented his work in Congressional hearings, journalism courses at Columbia, ESPN and Democracy Now!

We start with a discussion of the public financing of professional sports stadiums, specifically the proposed public funding of the Buffalo Bills football stadium, something he has followed closely both as an author and a New Yorker. We move on to a discussion of the latest labor strife between Major League Baseball and the Players Union, before concluding with some thoughts for the future.

More information about Neil deMause and his work can be found here:

and here:

The podcast features the Mekons songs: “Young Man in Peacetime” and “Leaning to Live on Your Own”.

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