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Scott Carrier and "The Equinoxium"

Scott Carrier is a Peabody award winning radio producer, writer, and podcaster. His work has been featured in This American Life, All Things Considered, Hearing Voices, and the Savvy Traveler. His podcast, Home of the Brave, is the first podcast I ever followed from beginning to end, and it is the model I’ve tried to follow in many ways.

I had been wanting to talk to him for quite a while, ever since I started Our Social Landscape. I think at first, I wanted to talk about how he developed Home of the Brave and his insights into the podcast world. But as I listened to more and more of his stories, I became focused on his progressive world view, as I see it at least, and how podcasting and radio stories can be used as vehicles for social commentary and change. It turns out he is dubious about the efficacy of such, but he keeps plugging away regardless, which I find inspiring.

This was my 30th interview for Our Social Landscape, and it occurred at the 3-year anniversary of the site. Without a doubt, it was the most unique- I think he might have asked me more questions than I asked him…

The Home of the Brave can be found here:

The specific episode I mention in the introduction can be found here:

Finally, the podcast includes two songs from Willy Vlautin, the musician and writer I interviewed in 2020: Northline Main Theme and The Bus Ride to Reno.

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