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Rob Garza, World Music, and the State of the Union

Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza joins me on this episode of Our Social Landscape. Rob and his partner Eric Hilton formed Thievery Corp in the mid 1990s in Washington D.C., taking bits and pieces and samples from all different styles of music, hence the name, “Thievery” Corporation. The music is a blend of electronica, dub, jazz, Indian music, bossa nova, reggae, and more.

The conversation starts with a little bit about Rob’s background and the influence of his mother’s Mexican heritage on his musical development. We discuss the role of protest and making social statements through music, and finish with a description of how he sees the current state of affairs in America.

More information about Rob Garza and Thievery Corporation can be found here:

The podcast features the following songs:

Closer to God The Glass and Bead Game La Force de Melodie

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