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“Pulling Back Into Narrative" with Kathryn Bond Stockton

Kathryn Bond Stockton is Distinguished Professor of English, former Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity, and inaugural Dean of the School for Cultural & Social Transformation at the University of Utah, where she received the Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence, the highest honor granted by the University.

Much of her academic work revolves around gender and sexuality, with her books including Gender(s), God Between Their Lips, Beautiful Bottom/Beautiful Shame, Making Out, and The Queer Child.

After a brief introduction and biographical sketch, we jump into the seemingly enormous task of trying to make sense of gender and sex. We discuss how race and social class are impossible to separate from gender in America, as well as how sport serves as a strong sex binary-reinforcement institution. Professor Stockton tells me what kind of world she would like to see us moving towards and how we might get started in that direction. We finish with a quick lightning round about some current terminology like Latinx, cis-gender, lgbtq* and others…

More information about Professor Stockton can be found here:

Songs include "We Fell in Love in October" and "Girls", by Girl in Red, and "Sound & Color" by the Alabama Shakes.

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