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Jason Williamson on Our Social Landscape: "Injecting a Constant Line of Anger into Music"

Jason Williamson of the Sleaford Mods is my guest on this episode of Our Social Landscape. Originally from Grantham and currently of Nottingham, England, Williamson and his musical partner Andrew Fearn make bass-driven punk rock with cutting and insightful social commentary.

Topics of discussion include the differences between English and American society in terms of social class, plus the intersection of class and racial dynamics. We also chat about the potential role of music in creating a better society, though neither of us is fully convinced of its efficacy. We finish with education, and the potential benefits of having a more informed, creative populace.

More information about Jason Williamson and the Sleaford Mods can be found here:

The podcast features the following songs: “Kebab Spider”, “Elocution”, “B.H.S.” and “No One’s Bothered”.

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One of my favorite interviews on Our Social Landscape!

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