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Exciting (?) Updates to Our Social Landscape!

Some Housekeeping:

On the 6-month anniversary of Our Social Landscape, we wanted to point out a few additions to the site (“we” meaning “I”).

Most of my episodes have been written posts, with a few interviews that I submitted in podcast format. But I have heard from some people that it is more convenient for them to listen to podcasts than to read a blog post. I enjoy writing and reading the written word, but I understand that listening sometimes fits life better than reading. As such, I have recorded all my previous written posts and they can be found under the new “podcast” tab on the Our Social Landscape homepage.

Next, I have added a “donate” button which also shows up on the homepage, right there in bright yellow. If you’re feeling generous and want to support the development of Our Social Landscape, you can do a one-time donation or a recurring donation, so go ahead and click on the button.

Finally, I had the good fortune to interview Patterson Hood of the Drive-by-Truckers recently, and I am working on putting that interview up, hopefully by next week. Stay tuned…

If you read and/or listen to my thoughts, let me encourage you to use the ‘comments’ section. “Public sociology” doesn’t work if I’m the only one talking, so please share your thoughts!

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