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Douglas Massey Sets the Record Straight on Immigration

Esteemed Sociologist and policy expert Douglas Massey discusses our current state of immigration on the southern border, as well as an update on the changing patterns of residential segregation.

Professor Massey is the Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. For the last 40 years he has been one of America's foremost experts on race and ethnic studies, manifested through his research on residential segregation and the changing immigration demographics in Mexico, Central America, and South America.

As I discuss in the beginning narration, I came across his work as I was trying to figure out my academic path. I was interested in racial phenomena, but didn't know how to approach it, and his work convinced me that I could pursue my interests as a sociologist, so I'll always be thankful to him...

The podcast includes the Clash songs "Radio Clash" and "The Guns of Brixton", and The Police songs "Bombs Away" and "Masoko Tanga".

Our interview can be found under the Podcast tab, or here:

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