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Chatting with James McMurtry on Our Social Landscape...

An interview with singer-songwriter James McMurtry about his music and some contemporary social issues as we wind down 2020.

McMurtry is a Texas-based musician known for his insightful lyrics, guitar talents, and social commentary. His mother was an English professor and his father is Larry McMurtry, the Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, so his song writing talents were fostered and developed at a young age. He has released a dozen albums and toured the world, but in these Covid-19 days, he's having to settle for streaming two shows a week via his Facebook page.

I sampled the following songs in the podcast, all of which can be found at

Down Across the Delaware

We Can't Make it Here

No More Buffalo

Off and Running

12 O'clock Whistle

Every Little Bit Counts

Hurricane Party

Rachel's Song

All episodes of Our Social Landscape can be found on iTunes, simply type oursociallandscape into the search box. If you have any questions or comments, email me at

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Ron Lee Hagelund
Ron Lee Hagelund
16 mar 2021

Love James & Dad & Curtis...Texas Trinity....thanks

Me gusta
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