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Karl Denson's (not so tiny) Universe

Karl Denson, composer, band leader, and Rolling Stones saxophonist, joins me on Our Social Landscape to discuss the current state of the union. Denson hails from Southern California and has been making music for over 50 years, playing with a list of prestigious artists too long to mention.

Topics of discussion center around our contemporary vitriol in political discussions and the placement of Christianity within the U.S. Right. We conclude with the role of conversation-based understanding as a tool to bring the various factions in the country together, a theme that informed his most recent album, Gnomes and Badgers.

More information about Karl Denson and his work can be found here:

The podcast features the following songs: “Because of Her Beauty”, “Can We Trade”, “Can You Feel it”, and “Empty Soul”. In addition, Karl mentions “the most amazing song”, “Coffin for Head of State” by Fela Kuti.

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