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A Call for Volunteers!


The next post on Our Social Landscape will be a segment where I share your ideas about the upcoming election. I would love to hear from as many people as I can.  

If you would be willing to share your thoughts on the election, there are a few options. We could do a brief Zoom session or a telephone call or you could just email me a recording of your views on the election.

Specifically, I'm interested in hearing things like:  

· who do you think will win the election and why? 

· do you think this election is any more important than previous elections? 

· what will America look like if Trump/Biden wins? 

· Etc., etc., etc... 

If you can talk on zoom or over the phone, we can schedule as much time as you like, at your leisure.   

If you’d prefer to email me a recording, try to keep it under 5 minutes, since it gets hard to download and edit as files get longer.   

The election is Tuesday, November 3rd, and I’d like to put the podcast up the week before.  That gives us approximately 2 weeks, so please email me if you are interested! 

You can contact me at




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